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About the Sleep Center:

People with sleep apnea commonly seek help because of daytime sleepiness, or snoring and pauses in breathing noted by their bed partner.

Once your physician refers you to our sleep center, a team of sleep specialists will use the latest technology to monitor you while you sleep. You will be given a private room, where a technician will attach a variety of monitoring devices to your body once you are ready for bed. Sleep specialists, who are on premises studying several patients at any given time, will observe your sleep patterns using these devices, which monitor brain waves, heart rate, rapid eye movements, and more. While sleeping with a bunch of wires attached to you might seem difficult, most patients find they fall asleep very easily. The next morning, the technician will remove all the monitoring devices, and you will be able to go straight to work or on to your daily activities. The sleep specialists will analyze the results from your sleep study, and forward the information to your physician so a treatment program can be designed for you. We will then follow up with your treatment periodically according to the specialist protocol which may be every six to a year.

Our Center will supply you with all necessary equipment and accessories needed for this treatment.